PCS Plumbing & Heating, INC in Buffalo, NY

Chris and Pat, born and raised in Buffalo, both attended McKinley High School, at different times, and took part in the plumbing program offered by the school.  It was an experience they both acknowledge propelled them in the direction of working in the construction industry.

After graduation, Chris went to work for a combination of wholesalers, manufacturers and contractors and Pat worked for contractors exclusively.   They knew each other from being in the same business and even worked at the same company prior to developing a real working relationship.  In late 2006, they worked on a friend’s house together and came to the realization that they worked well together.

In 2007, their business opened and began slowly. They viewed plans on kitchen tables and worked out of garages, all the while saving their money to become financially independent.  That independence came on December 4, 2009, when they got the keys to their own office, 1 Carter Street in Buffalo, the same day as the Construction Exchange Christmas Luncheon.  Now, Chris is a member of the Auction Committee that puts together the Holiday Auction and also sits on the CIEF Board and the WNY Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors. Pat serves on the PMCA labor negotiating committee.

PCS Plumbing & Heating is better known for their commercial and residential plumbing, but can meet your residential heating needs as well.  They have also recently added excavating services for the plumbing jobs that require it.  Last year, Chris completed the University at Buffalo’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership program and Pat is currently enrolled in the course.

Since 2007, they have grown to a staff of 16 people and recently hired a project manager to help them reach the next level.  Their success then and now has been built mostly on one philosophy.  Chris describes, “If we are doing a residential job, I want it done like I’m doing it for my mother.  If we’re doing a commercial job, I want it done like it’s our building”.  Pat adds, “slow growth”, as another important term they use to describe what they have accomplished.  Their goal is to continue to grow at a steady pace while building a reputation of tremendous work and customer service.

Pat and Chris’ success shows the importance of programs like the one at McKinley High School.  Their education combined with hard work and a dedication to quality and customer service has enabled them to build a company that will continue to proudly serve customers for years to come