Damage Repair


We all hope to avoid frozen or damaged plumbing, but it still happens. If your pipes are buried, it makes it difficult to assess and repair the damage. Broken or damaged pipes should be repaired as soon as possible, so PCS Plumbing & Heating provides plumbing excavation so you can determine the level of damage. Our team provides local excavation services for just this scenario. We can dig up your pipes and repair the damage we find. Whether the job is residential or commercial, we’ll treat your property like it’s our own.
One of the most common reasons to call a plumbing excavator is because of frozen pipes. Frozen pipes usually occur because of:
  • Faulty insulation around your pipes
  • A sudden drop in temperature in the winter months
  • A lack of water flow in an exposed drain
  • A thermostat or heating malfunction
If your pipes freeze for any of these reasons, trust our team to dig down, assess the pipes and repair the damage. Our team can excavate sewer lines, water lines and gas lines, and we can repair the pipe or replace the pipeline.